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Our Process for Candidates

Recruiting and developing candidates

  • Candidates are most often referred to us by people we know, but are also sourced by various online tools.
  • Once a candidate is identified, the initial interview is about 1 to 1.5 hours
  • If a candidate resides in the San Francisco Bay area, a face-to-face interview is required, usually in our Mountain View offices.
  • Follow-up discussions are conducted to address any additional questions
  • If candidates are interviewed for specific job, interview questions will be based on the criteria outlined in the job description as well as understanding their business acumen, personal motivation, compensation and career objectives. A complete description of the position is discussed including: corporate organizational chart, managers' background, corporate history, products, company goals/objectives, overall strategy, position projects/responsibilities, etc.

Handle all scheduling

  • This is a key component as it maintains very frequent contact with both the candidate and the hiring manager which allows continuous assessment and addresses key concerns immediately.

Prep candidates

  • A 30 minute conversation with a complete review of the itinerary, the participants' backgrounds and history with the company and answering any questions.

Debrief candidates and clients

  • A thorough debriefing of both candidate and client after each round of interviews further enables us to assure that all parties involved maintain alignment throughout the process.

Candidate selection/offer

  • Negotiate the compensation package.
  • Provide a list of appropriate references to be checked by client or by us if requested.
  • Extend offer: most clients prefer to make verbal face-to-face offers, followed by a written offer as the most positive way to launch a new business relationship.
  • Manage paperwork flow, offer signing, start date, etc.

Following the placement

  • Maintain contact with both the client and the candidate to ensure a smooth transition
Recruitment Services
  • Retained Search for very senior financial executives
  • Contingent Search for senior financial management positions
  • Retained Search for IT executives
  • Contingent Search for senior IT management positions and senior individual contributor IT positions
Transition Coaching
  • Transition Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Development Coaching
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Exit Coaching
  • Life Coaching
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