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Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching

At Probus, our primary goal is to seek, develop and sustain long-term personal relationships to best serve you.

In keeping with the increased needs of our clients we are expanding our line of services to include:


What is Transition Coaching?

Transition Coaching is a systematic process designed to guide individuals through a period of change to ensure that they successfully achieve their desired goals.

Who are our Transition Coaching clients?

  • Corporate Coaching

    We are retained by organizations to coach specific individuals, functions, levels or teams.

    Some typical examples of Corporate Coaching are:
    • Executive On-boarding following placement to ensure a smooth transition
    • Assisting with the development and growth of young managers
    • Working with employees who are 'stuck' and need assistance to identify potential future opportunities, and develop strategies to get to their desired roles within their companies.
    • Helping employees who have been in their roles longer than desired to look at their jobs with a fresh, new perspective.
    • Supporting individuals or a team with conflict resolution.
    • Exit Coaching.

  • Individual Coaching

    We guide and support individuals:
    • As they work through the realities of a challenging period of change
    • As they plan and initiate major change in their life
    Some typical examples of Individual Coaching are:
    • In the face of voluntary or unexpected change, offer support during the period of transition
    • Assess an individual's positioning in their current role and identify possible next steps
    • Assist individuals in looking at the big picture of their career and life, and ensure that they are honoring the values that define their true, authentic self.

What is our approach?

At Probus, our practice is based on Co-Active Coaching. We create a partnership with our clients and collaborate for the purpose of meeting our client's needs. The client is always the driver of their own solutions with the encouragement and support of the coach as their passenger.

Our approach is a designed and defined relationship between client and coach, based on the goals and objectives of the client. The coach supports the client to achieve their goals through the use of questions, reflections, discussion, encouragement and requests. This helps the client to identify career and personal goals, develop strategies, strengthen relationships and create action plans. The coach then assists the client in being personally accountable to themselves by monitoring their progress toward their goals and objectives.

Could coaching be helpful to you?

  • Key Corporate Questions:
    • Is your organization operating as effectively and efficiently as it should?
    • Are you developing your key people to become your managers and leaders of the future?
    • Are your teams operating at their highest performance level?
  • Key Individual questions:
    • Are you exactly where you want to be in life?
    • What career and life do you truly desire?
    • What is your vision of the future?
    • What does your future self look like?
    • Are you satisfied with your personal and professional relationships?
  • In our role as Co-Active Coach, we are here to help you assess exactly where you are today within the context of your whole life, and to guide you through the process of better understanding your own strengths and limitations.
    • We will help you navigate through the process of your own discovery of your wants and needs, motivations and fears, and any roadblocks along the way to your career and life goals.
    • We will design the coaching relationship together to ensure that it is comfortable for you, yet will be effective in achieving your desired outcomes.
    • We will listen and dialogue with you, then assist you as you develop an action plan for yourself, including self-imposed accountability, to ensure your continued progress toward the goals you wish to attain. The agenda always comes from you, though we are always available to encourage, champion and guide you.
    • It will be a powerful alliance that will forward and enhance the process of learning and fulfillment.

We think you will find that our hands-on, personal approach to coaching will be very helpful in solving a multitude of difficult issues in a very satisfactory manner. Let us know when you would like to schedule an exploratory meeting and to receive a sample coaching session.

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Transition Coaching
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